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I once dreamt of publishing a magazine. I imagined the feel and smell of the pages. Soul-stirring content to draw readers in. Breathtaking images that leap from the pages and deepen the faith journey. And then I stumbled upon that magazine - it was already in circulation and it was      JUST as I imagined.

Change in plans! 

(Prov. 19:21)

It's the FINAL ISSUE. The Holy Hen House Magazine

REFUGE + STRENGTH Autumn 2022 Issue is now available. Get your copy by clicking on the cover image.

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~Books N Stuff~

Sorry Not Sorry celebrates favor and issues a challenge to readers, to embrace blessings. By doing so, your light can shine brightly where others will see the love of God and be drawn to Him.


The author connects a series of personal revelations about why and how we shoud live with gratitude, not guilt, for the favor that God grants to us. How does it feel when people see your glory but don't know your story? Can you move forward confidently when you're the object of envy? 


This premier work tackles a highly delicate topic and offers strategies to anyone who has lived with guilt because their own unique gifts or advantages brought about a spotlight that wasn't desired. 

Nikki is one of more than a dozen contributing authors in this compelling non-fiction collection of stories about the various struggles, hopes and triumphs of teenage mothers and the children they raise. 

Entitled "Father Me: A Lesson in Love" Nikki's chapter brings readers into the world of closed doors and limited opportunity for young women who become mothers before they're ready. She offers encouragement in the only one who can mend a broken heart, set a promising path in place and rebuild a life...Christ.


Nikki's "pen name" here is Angela Parris 



Nikki is the creator of these exciting 1-page overviews on some of the toughest but most widely asked questions about faith, God and the bible.


Each one is custom-created and designed for the individual

and the questions raised. The inspiration comes from you!


Have a question you've always wanted to ask but need a

quick and easy answer? This is your solution!


  • What's God got to do with marriage?

  • What happens after we die?

  • Do dogs get to go to Heaven?

  • Is the bible a love-letter, a manual, a weapon or what?!

  • How am I supposed to pray?

What Ya'll Are Saying

Her story was meant to help free us from the things that hold us back from moving forward! She is an awesome woman of God and this would be a great book for a wowen's book club! Check her out. Nikki Parris. And let's get our copies now!!! "Sorry Not Sorry" will keep us honest!


Dena,   New Jersey

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