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Meet Coach Nikki

Cali-born and Jersey-raised, a mix of east and west coast makes Coach Nikki a ray of sunshine, with a bit of sassy storm. Forget living up to your potential, this coach is all about living up to your purpose!

A wife, mother of 8, ordained minister, gifted teacher & facilitator, expert beach bum, administrative professional and all-round hype-girl, Nikki is daily fulfilling her life's purpose, by helping others realize theirs.

Coaching in the areas of faith & personal development allows Nikki to help people locate and unleash the most satisfying, unapologetic version of themselves. 

From minor stretches to transformative shifts, I am here for you.

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Coaching Style

(Apostle Paul Meets Jiminy Cricket)

With 30+ years of corporate and non-profit experience, I bring a balance of listener, leader and hype girl, to every table of invitation. An administrative professional for much of my career, I'm an invaluable support-person and I love that role.

PAUL:  Servant leadership at home, in church and in the workforce have fashioned a cocktail of faith fortitude: truth and cultural humility, seasoned with grace and humor. Essential for you, since this coach isn't going to sugar-coat or cut corners. Afterall, your best life is on the line.

J. CRICKET:  Your conscious is our guide, so my style is both probing and provocative. I ask LOTS of questions to help uncover the paths that are right for you. A gentle hand who believes in you, I will become a persistent nudge just when you need it.

I honor the truth and values of each client, and I take great care to earn your trust. It's in that safe and brave space, that the most powerful work is unlocked. 

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