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Greetings and blessings.


It's exciting to finally have an outlet for sharing my thoughts, encouragement, comfort and my faith with you. I'm grateful to my wife Nikki for trusting me with such a public forum for sharing this honest and rugged truth.

Welcome to THE MAN CAVE

I was surprised to learn what a man cave really is: 

A room or other part of the home regarded as refuge for the man or men of the house.


Well this virtual or metaphorical retreat is here for you (and me). It's not a physical cave, but rather a spiritual diary offering sanctuary for the common man. Are you a common man?

Jesus was a common man too. So that's what we'll do here; discover just how much we have in common - relate - with the most extraordinary common man that ever lived.

"I'm not looking to win the argument

I'm seeking mutual understanding"


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