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Lil' help with that?

Setting goals. Finding purpose. Getting unstuck. A life coach is a safe and non-judgmental partner to help you work through such events.

Vitality Faith & Life Coaching offers pre-packaged and customized plans to help you focus and achieve your goals.

Curious? Good, that works well here! Click here to see if coaching is for you, or schedule a free 15-minute consult with me and let's figure it out together!

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Coach Me

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Meet Coach Nikki

Cali-born and Jersey-raised, a mix of east and west coast makes Coach Nikki a ray of sunshine, with a bit of sassy storm. With 30+ years of corporate and non-profit experience,  I bring a balance of listener, leader and hype girl, to every table of invitation. 

My style is both probing and provocative. (I ask lots of questions!) A gentle hand seasoned with wisdom and great faith, I can become a persistent nudge just when you need it.

I honor the truth and values of each client, and I take great care to earn your trust. It's in that safe and brave space, that the most powerful work is unlocked. 

From minor stretches to transformative shifts, I am here for you.


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