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Common Man, like Jesus

Are you a common man? You know, the kind of guy who does things frequently the same way. We shop for the same foods, eat the same ol' snacks, drink our favorite ol' drinks. Common men have the same rituals and routines. It's how we flow. I've been rockin' Timbs for over 25 years; it's a good shoe so why change now? I'm common - usual, ordinary and regular. Funny thing though... when I sat down to write this blog, my wife invited me to go to a coffee house with her. Now that was uncommon!

Anyways, once I unpacked, my computer was dead. Even if I had brought my power chord all of the power outlets were taken. So what does the common man do in this situation? Bruh, pull out a sheet of scrap paper and flow. What would Jesus do if his computer died? What did we do before technology hijacked our dopamine central think stations?

Jesus' greatest attribute was his ability to relate and adjust. The way He would connect to people, modify challenging situations and alter adverse conditions and unfortunate set-backs was the prevalent influence making Jesus the greatest common man ever. Every now and then, He needed to retreat for privacy and prayer. Scripture reads, "But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed." (LK 5:16 NIV)

Come back to The Man Cave from time to time when you need to relax, withdraw, pray or find comfort. There is no danger, risk or injury in being common here. This is a place where Christian brothers can be free to express themselves and seek Kingdom asylum. The Man Cave is welcome to all who dare to be different. I am blessed to know a lot of great brothers who have serious questions and concerns regarding life. Answers are hard to find and we all need someone every now and then to validate our feelings. That is the purpose for this experience.

I pray you find peace, comfort and hope in the Lord as we journey forward pressing towards the mark. All commoners are welcome. Let the expedition begin.


Elder Carl Parris

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