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How did I get here?!

Never thought it would happen to you. You're going about life as usual until one day you realize you've strayed far from the original path on which you started. Maybe you promised yourself, or someone else, that you'd never go back to an old habit only to find yourself in it again. Or you look over your shoulder and recognize all the time that has passed and you haven't finish this or started that. Regret is a terrible feeling to live with. Truth is... it's more than a feeling.

Silently and over long periods of time, good habits fade and with them, go the dreams and aspirations of a more zealous you. And when you least expect it, the enemy brings those dreams back to your rememberance, only wrapped in a myriad of regret and disappointment. Don't worry - you may have drifted far away from the shore, but the Master of the Sea is promised to rescue you and bring you back safely. God wants you to remember the dreams that He's given you. But just like the ocean floor, life can trick you into thinking you're on good ground, when you're really just standing on a sandpit. The waves may feel cool and calm as you drift away from the crashing, cresting curls closer to home. But don't be fooled - THAT is only a feeling. God's will for you may be closer to those noisy, stirring waves. Yep, back where the stones line the sand and hurt your feet as you climb onto dry land. When God turns your head back to the shore, it's not to make you regret your beginning. It's to remind you that He wants to finish the work He started in you. While it's much harder to swim back against the tide and you become painfully aware of just how deep the water is that you've tread into, He is faithful to help you back to safe ground. He created the current and He can command it to carry you back to shore. Trust Him that it's okay to return... stop drifting away and just start swimming.


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