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Be That As It May...

My daughter owns this overused phrase coined by the millenial age of adolescence. It was the new "ya know, like..." or "Nah'mean?" of our daily conversations. I would say, "You do know you won't be getting the new iPhone GT Model with the built-in self-driving mechanism." (or something like that) and without hesitation, she would say, "Be that as it may, I still believe you should think about it."

15 years old and she was unrelenting in her convictions about what she would have, in spite of the reality her father and I had made known. I called her stubborn. Her sisters called her unrealistic. Her brothers called her annoying. Don't tell her this, but I kinda wish we could all be a bit more like her, especially when it comes to our faith. What if we looked at her differently? What if she was:

  • Steadfast, not stubborn

  • Unmovable, not unrealistic and

  • Abounding, not annoying

I can remember when my reality wasn't confined to what my world had presented. So what is it that grows between us and the reality that swells up somewhere deep in the recesses of our hearts? What obstacles have wedged themselves firmly between the possible and the probable? You'll probably think of at least 5 before you get to the end of this sentence. But don't let that stop you.

The Bible lets us know that FAITH is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen (Heb. 11:1). These are things not seen by us. But think about this: God is all-seeing. So what if we started seeing ourselves, and the world around us, as God sees? The words of a song inspired by Isaiah 55:8-9 come to mind.

"Lord Your ways are not my ways, and Your thoughts are not my thoughts, I wanna see what you see... Lord, I'm looking at me, help me to see what you see."

While the iPhone my daughter receives may never come from her dad or my hands, I am actually more convinced now, because of her faith, that she will have it... self-driving mechanism and all. Heck, she might even invent it!

Lord, as we hear Your Word preached, and read the Bible to engage our relationship with You, please help us to see ourselves and the world around us, just as You do. Amen

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