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Hardest thing you'll ever do...again

Are you facing an extremely difficult decision? Is there something you know you must do, but aren't sure how to muster up the strength, resources or even the will to do it?

Maybe restoring a friend who betrayed you, rebuilding your life after loss, or answering God’s call to serve. You know, Goliath size challenges. If you find yourself saying, "This is the hardest thing I'll ever have to do", I suggest adding one tiny word to your vocabulary to keep things in perspective. That word is... “again”.

Tough Mudder is a team-based race that takes runners through excrutiating obstacle courses over miles of uphill, muddy, rocky and just plain difficult terrain. It's not for the faint of heart! Even so, the most appealing feature of this event is the encouraging comradery that occurs at each and every leg of the course. It's a TEAM event!

While no two obstacles are grueling in exactly the same way, runners can use the lessons of the last challenge to catapult them forward through the next one. Someone helped them over a wall, or ran alongside them or lifted them out of the icy water. It may not have been pretty, but they made it to the next milestone, with some help.

You have help in life too. Learn to face new challenges with an ear towards the last milestone achieved and you'll find encouragement sooner. Remember that God promised never to leave or forsake you. Take courage, grab onto your help... then barrel forward in faith because you know you're not running alone.

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