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The Secret of the Bloom: Lilac Season

Every May for more than 20 years, thousands of people journey to Rochester, NY for The Lilac Festival. Nearly half a million visitors come from near & far to enjoy vendors, artists and other blooming enthusiasts for the long-awaited stroll through Highland Park.

Mostly, the blossoms are the same. The crafts, food and festivities don't differ much from year to year. There's always the same great array of musical performances and it wouldn't be the same without the horse rides, right? So in a day and time when people are constantly in search of the next best thing... why does this event still draw so many, so consistently?

SIMPLE: It's dependability. The weather changes drastically. New buildings are erected on the nearby grounds. Park-goers often trample over or pull on the bushes during the other 11 months of the year. Still, once the seeds are planted and the grounds are tended, the gardeners expect the blooms to come forth in due season. And they do.

Your blooming season is no different. The laws of seeding and harvest times are not subject to the conditions of this world. (Mk 4:26-29) God has planted seeds of promise inside of you and no matter what challenges the past year has brought your way, He expects those seeds to bloom. You should too.

  • Are there people close to you who don't believe or support your dreams?

  • Do your goals seem to be within reach until you begin to share them with others?

  • Are doubts and limitations getting louder, just as doors are being opened for you?

Show yourself, God and others that you can be depended upon to press through the budding season, push past the obstacles and defy the unrelenting conditions around you~ and just bloom! Kill the "same stuff, different day" speech. What seems redundant or insignificant to you, might be the very same thing that others come to rely on for strength and encouragement.

CONSIDER: Could someone have stuck around, or come back into your life, because they look forward to that same reliable brilliance they once saw in you? You miss it too don't you? Do it for you, but also for the inspiration of others. It's time to bloom again. No delays & no apologies will be made for it.

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