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Inside the Book... Sorry Not Sorry

After waiting patiently as each woman poured out her heart about the beauty that had come from the ashes of her own life, the instructor looked squarely into my eyes as if to indicate there was no one left. There was plenty of time left before the class was over, so I had no chance of getting out of it. "And what has God called you to do?" her voice crooned. I swallowed hard on the lump that had formed in my throat. A mix of frustration and terror gripped my shoulders as if they were pinned to my neck. My eyes welled up with tears and my face turned beet red as I suddenly screeched out, "I don't fry chicken!" [excerpt Sorry, Not Sorry. Chapter 3]

It's not easy being different. Different from your peers... your colleagues... your family. In Chapter 3 "One of these things is not like the other" readers witness the frustration that is met when moving to a new place where the community has all things in common - except you.

When her ministerial calling leads to the boardroom and the golf course, a heart wrought with compassion for CEOs and business leaders becomes the object of conflict. Is there is enough pain and suffering associated with that path? Others who had been called to care for people would have stories of drug addiction, violence and abuse while this young missionary could only tell of struggles that came from a completely different world - the world of the rich and affluent. Wasn't God needed there too?


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