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Sorry Not Sorry - The Pain of Privilege

Marriage is a blessing... an exclusive right or benefit granted to some people but not all. It takes lots of hard work, compromise and commitment but above all, it requires the most sacrificial offering anyone can give - LOVE. Check out what this love looks like: 1 Cor 13.

When two people manage to uphold this commitment and thrive in its promise, it's nothing short of divine. And it's something to be grateful for - not guilty.

God has granted me this privilege. Sixteen years of matrimony, six children, one on the way and a boatload of memories to remind us why we stay together. God is at the head of our relationship and the reason for its success. We've gotten many compliments, accolades and words of encouragement; we've gotten JUST as many criticisms, jeers and derisions. But we didn't come here married and these blessings didn't come overnight.

We're blessed to have other married couples (flourishing and struggling) who appreciate the exclusivity and honor that comes with being in a good marriage. This builds us up and helps us to face the resonsibilities that come with this privilege. We are also challenged with the acquaintance of singles who take every opportunity to tell us why they 'hate our happy union'. This hurts and sometimes makes us feel guilty for being so blessed. To all of the above, I submit the following contemplation:

Be careful of how you envy... what you condemn... how you judge others' circumstances. Not everyone will be married in order to fulfill the amazing life that God designed for them. Some will do more for this world without the added responsibility of a spouse. Even so, God wants everyone to honor the gift of marriage, and not take it lightly or by offense. (Heb. 13:4)

It's entirely possible to validate your own life, without diminishing the attributes of someone else's. SORRY NOT SORRY

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