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What will You Resurrect this Easter?

Here comes Easter! If you're not completely focused on baskets and bunnies, you might be reflecting on the crucifixion, death and burial of Christ. It's not uncommon to hear sermons about the pain and suffering that Jesus endured all the way to the grave. Our hearts become heavy with the thoughts and images of a sinless man who was brutally beaten, unfairly tried and then hung and left to die... betrayed by the very people whom He loved so dearly. Well... all of that was on Friday - Good Friday to be exact. Truth is, none of this is worth remembering if we aren't just as touched by the Sunday morning when Jesus rose from that grave - Resurrection Day!

In death, more than just the body of Christ was buried. (See Rom 6:4) When He rose, He resurrected a new beginning, a never-before-seen power and an exhilarating hope for a sure future for you and me. So as you celebrate Easter Sunday this year, give credence to all that Jesus raised with Him from that dark and dreary grave. Then consider: What will YOU resurrect this Easter? Will you revive goals or dreams that you may have laid aside? Will you restore some relationship whose flame has become a flicker? Is there a commitment you began, but did not finish? Where is your zeal?

Acts 2:17 declares that in the last days the young will see visions and the old will dream dreams. This text also declares how God will pour out (generously I imagine) His Spirit among His people - to fulfill these visions and dreams! This should encourage us that while the whole world is relishing in darkness, God's power will continue to move through us as we also ressurect something anew! Begin again with new energy and be reminded that every good work God started in you... He is faithful to see it through to completion. Phil 1:6

Happy Resurrection Day!

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