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Sorry Not Sorry: Arrogance v. Confidence

A basic premise of Sorry Not Sorry, is the challenge to

elevate confidence, but not for reasons you may think.

One key strategy is to correct behaviors we exhibit when we're being too careful not to give others the impression that we are better than them.

Page 38 states:

"With righteous motives, there is no reason to apologize for the favor,

blessings and even privileges that befall you in this life."

That's a hard statement to accept on its own. In fact, such a declaration begs the response: Isn't that arrogant? Christians especially, have difficulty with this issue as we are constantly reminded to humble ourselves and not become haughty or high-minded. And we should be humble. But we must also be confident - balanced. This is not possible in our own efforts.

With good intentions, some of us will overshoot the bar on this humility thing. And it can cost the most powerful opportunities to witness to God's goodness. Are you missing chances for the world to see God's brilliance, because you're trying so hard to be abased? I get it... you don't want to appear arrogant, right? Well don't struggle with this anymore.

Confidence employs humility, while arrogance neglects it.

When humans try to "be humble" it's like trying to put a majestic robe on a ghost: it's futile! Imagine being so humble, that you actually appear weak... doubtful... timid to others when you're only trying to be modest.

Humility is a spiritual trait and its nature is divine. So it stands to reason, that a Spirit must be the developer of that trait within us - that would be God. We just can't do it successfully on our own. (Phil 2:13)

Confidence is a condition of the mind, rooted in the Spirit of a person. A feeble spirit, is rarely ever confident, but a built-up spirit radiates confidence and draws others.

Arrogance is a condition of the ego which neglects the Spirit altogether and finds its roots in a misdiagnosed sense of self-importance. It rarely ever accomplishes its goal of impressing others.

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