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When envy hits home

When life grants you a good season, it's not realistic to expect everyone to be happy for you. We all know that right? But what if the ones 'ho-humming' your success are inside your own home? Maybe even sharing a pillow with you at night? There's no hurt like the hurt of someone who loves you.

Consider Joseph, David or Jesus who each felt the sting of family envy as they endeavored to do The Lord's will. Their success would yield promotions, popularity and followers. Still, the people closest to them didn't always respond with joyful celebration. Have you been there?

It's hard to believe that someone who loves you, isn't happy for you when you're doing well. Still, it's best that you pray for them and bless them (Matt 6), then go on rejoicing for what God is doing in your life. Avoid getting bogged down by feelings - yours or theirs.

Further down the road, God just might use your blessings, as he did for Joseph, David and Jesus, to better the condition of all - including those loved ones who snuffed you in the beginning.

For the gifts of God are without repentance - Romans 11:29

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