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GET A WAY to Getaway

I'VE MISSED YOU! Wow, thanks for allowing me to be away for such a long time. Sure we brought a new baby into the world, but so much more has transpired. For now, I'll share my Top 3 faves from my recent GETAWAY.

I deepened my love for family & friends. Little Angel Layla-Ali came into this world, and our family, on June 13th. I’d like to tell you all about her but I can’t. I can’t because the real stars of this story are my family and friends. My children stepped up to the plate in the sweetest ways as they unselfishly welcomed their new little sister. They looked after me and cared for me when I could hardly walk or feed myself. My husband ran errands AND interference to keep a sense of routine in our home, but also to shut down the noise of the world for just a little while. My sister traveled 750 miles to help care for little Angel and all of us! My mother, among other things, prayed and she rubbed my feet - NEED I SAY MORE?? My mother-in-law prayed the prayer that brought Little Angel into this world when the doctors said, "maybe tomorrow". My niece brought the only salad I could stomach (Panera's Chicken BBQ) and she coddled me without question. My sister-in-law bought so much formula we JUST bought our first container about a week ago! My friends at work... We haven't bought diapers yet! We were covered for baby & family expenses that their generosity provided. My church made sure Little L.A. entered as a true blue Broncos Fan. I could go on - there are SO many others. In coming back to the keyboard, I just had to acknowledge the selfless love of family (and friends) that showed up in an immeasurable way for me. Their love allowed me to GETAWAY and really heal, refresh and re-engage; now I can return to them replenished and excited to offer the same.

I re-engaged with the power of nature... I've always appreciated the freedom and fantasy that God's earth and elements can provide. Unfortunately, my GETAWAY found me fresh off the surgery table so I wasn't able to travel and run like I wanted - and it was summertime!! Still, rather than be trapped by it, I chose to liberate myself further. Did you know that liberating your mind is a choice and a discipline? Anyhow, I chose to seek out that same freedom even though I had, what seemed like, some limitations. I encountered some powerful moments just sitting in the silence of my backyard watching the clouds stir and move as it directed by some musical genius. I couldn't splash around in the ocean or spike a volleyball on the beach, but just sitting on the shoreline and listening to the waves - now that spoke to my soul. I rediscovered the flow of energy and ideas that surface while rocking slowly on the Log-swing at Highland Park. I followed that up with deep breaths as I strolled through the flowers that bloom along the trails - talk about aromatherapy! In nature, I GOT A WAY to reconnect with my thoughts and the voice of God, and I felt clearer... more confident... ready to re-enter the chaos of life, only better.

I returned to my secret hiding place. It’s the safest and most serene space I’ll ever visit and the biggest surprise is… I never left my front doorstep. In Sorry, Not Sorry, I expose the tendency in some people, to rely on those of us who have great big positive personalities. You know, that woman whose smile lights up the room or that man whose electrifying personality just makes you feel better in his presence. Now picture that same person just having an "off" day where they don't feel like smiling, or like making you smile. If you're one of those positive people then you know first-hand how needful it is to retreat from the presence of life occasionally in order to maintain that electrifying impression. Oh, don't be fooled; it IS only an impression - it's not YOU they are drawn to, but the likeness of Christ in you. And because of our carnality, we will run down or get tired. Truth is, we all need someplace to go at one time or another, to GETAWAY from everyday life. There are instances, when we just need to hide.

Psalm 91 describes a BEAUTIFUL refuge... a hiding place with strength and comfort unlike any place on this earth. You must travel a very narrow and straight path to find it but it's not as hidden as you might think. What's best is, you can go there anytime of any day. Doesn't that sound just perfect?

While it's nice to GET AWAY for warm and fuzzy reasons, there are days - seasons even - when the world isn't kind... when things come at you from every side... when the noise of life seems much too loud and you just need to hide.

Do you believe that you can GET AWAY simply retreating into the thoughts of God and His wings of refuge? I found a real hiding place in Him where He proved that He will keep me hidden. He'll keep my peace there; He'll keep my secrets there. And when I'm worn out from the cares of this world, this is the place I can go for refuge. And I don't have to get in my car, or buy a plane ticket: I can simply stand where I am and cast my troubles His way. 1 Pet 5:7 It's the cheapest, most rewarding GETAWAY I've ever taken!

Again, thanks for being away from me during my GETAWAY season. I look forward to being better for you and to you, because of it and I promise to allow the same for you, when you need to GET A WAY!

Be rested, be renewed, be better! Sorry Not Sorry

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