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U don't know what u got til it's gone

I'm learning the gift of appreciation. Gift? I know... sounds crazy when you think about it. That's like saying I just learned how to welcome the things that don't really satisfy me. Yaaaayyyy! Yeah right. :-(

Cheryl is an amazing woman. For years, she has taught and preached God's Word with vitality and at times, a comedic element that was just refreshing. She could sing a baptism into your heart with songs she'd made up just minutes before the service! She gently pulled prostitutes aside and gave them clothes literally off of her back, fed people who lived on the streets and prayed with women or children who were running from danger; even stood in between the knife and the victim some nights. She is anointed and God's calling has been on her life a long time. You can imagine how much people have adored her. And often they'd show it by showering her with gifts or just hanging around talking and spending time with her.

I remember watching for years, as people would bring her something they'd made with their hands or bought from the store (usually the dollar store). They would cook something and give it to her with anticipation, and sometimes they'd even insist she eat it in front of them! Not every sweet cake, tastes so sweet. :-/ She'd wear hats that looked just ridiculous. The too small sweaters and too big shoes. The gifts would come left and right... not often in her color and not often to her taste. One woman pulled the shirt right over her head. After a revival, she might want to get home or retreat to someplace quiet and they'd block her at the door just wanting to talk with her personally, a little while longer. Oh, I wanted to rescue her so many times.

She never told them no. And she never rejected their gifts, no matter how useless or inappropriate it seemed. She would smile. She never pushed past the line, or rushed their endless chatter; I even watched her dozing off a few times. She'd raise her eyes slowly and return intently to their words. I just KNOW she didn't want to, but she did. And I wondered HOW, or better yet, WHY would she put up with it?!

The heart of Christ is gracious and never sees the small things, well... as small things. Love doesn't push past the person's motive to criticize his actions. I know, "but I'm just keeping it real" right? Well try this: Evaluate the sincerity of your heart, by the morality of Christ's. When your truth is "No thanks, I'd rather not" but God's truth is, "how thoughtful and thank you", go with God's Truth.

The Bible is adamant about showing us why we shouldn't despise the days of small things.

Zech 4:10. In fact some versions say "Do not dare despise...". Becoming like Christ means we have to look past, no PUSH past our wants, in order to enjoy whatever comes.

At the end of the day, if you're stubborn long enough, or refuse to appreciate what comes, don't be surprised when it stops coming altogether. Funny... but no matter how 'unwanted' something seems, Cheryl seemed to get it, and so did Joni Mitchell when she sang "you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone."

Get grateful and get blessed! Sorry NOT Sorry


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